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Notice of Privacy Practices


The I.B.E.W. Local 236 Health and Benefit Fund is a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), which is a modified personal account plan. For each hour you work in covered employment, employer Health and Benefit Fund contributions will be made to the non-taxable, medical expenses only HRA Plan. This determination may change from time to time contingent upon the financial requirements of the whole Fund and changes in applicable determinations by agencies governing this type of Fund. The Trustees will determine the portion of the contributions that will be credited to your personal account.

Once you satisfy the general eligibility requirements, you will be a participant in the Fund.

Your HRA account will grow with the contributions that are made to it in the future. Your account will be decreased by any Benefit distribution or administration charge. Any charges to your account are limited to the costs of your health coverages under the Plan, and any disbursements are limited to the non-reimbursed medical expense for which you are liable.

No more will be paid out to you (or your beneficiary) under this Plan than has come into your personal account by way of contributions to the Fund made on your behalf by participating employers(which are based upon your work hours) plus any special allocations that may be given.

Once your account is reduced to zero or to an amount which is less than your monthly Insurance Benefit premium, you will stop being a participant in this Fund unless your account is credited with a special allocation or you elect to self-pay (COBRA).

Special Allocations.

In addition to employer contributions received based on your covered work, your account may grow in other ways. These are called “Special allocations” which are explained in Section VI of the Summary Plan Description (SPD). A complete copy of the SPD is available at the Fund office, which addresses all parts of the Fund in its entirety.

Please click on the address shown to download forms and rates: http://ibew236funds.org/forms/

To contact the health insurance providers click one of the following:

http://www.cdphp.com Capital District Physicians Health Plan
http://www.bsneny.com Blue Shield of Northeastern NY
http://www.savrx.com SavRx
https://www.empireblue.com/find-care/ Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield – Find a Doctor