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This Website is intended not only to acquaint you with the benefits available to you, but to assist you in making the best use of those various benefits, functions, and provisions of your Funds – the IBEW Local No. 236 Annuity Fund, IBEW Local No. 236 Pension Fund, and IBEW Local No. 236 Health and Benefit Fund.

Each Board of Trustees (currently the same individuals sit for each Fund) is composed of six individuals and is responsible for the operation of that Plan. IBEW Local 236 and the contributing Employers are equally represented on each of the Boards of Trustees – three each are appointed by IBEW Local 236 and the contributing Employers from the Albany Electrical Contractors Association. To give you an idea of the Trustees’ role with regard to the Plans, you should know that we are responsible for collecting and administering the contributions to the Funds which are required by the agreement between your employer and Local 236 or between your employer and the Trustees. In addition, we are required to formulate and administer the provisions of the various Funds themselves, and ensure that the data is correct, complete, and properly maintained and safeguarded.

The Boards of Trustees are assisted in these tasks by our outstanding professional advisory firms, including an actuary, an accountant, an attorney, and one or more investment administrators and advisors. With their help, we continue the successful operation of these Plans, adhering to the sound fiscal and actuarial approach of the past, but based in today’s terms and rapidly changing environments.

The daily operation of the Funds is maintained by the Funds’ Administrator and staff located at the Fund Office. We invite and encourage you to make use of those facilities and their expertise in understanding and utilizing your benefits.

For your part, your ability to fully profit from these benefits will be increased by your complete understanding of the Plans themselves. Accordingly, we provide this site as a tool – one that you and we will evolve into an informational resource, containing Plan descriptions, forms, related data, as well as a site to share information with your fellow members, the Trustees, and the staff of the Funds.

Briefly, the site contains the following:

  • A. Questions and Answers (FAQ’s)- this section provides the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding your Plans. We will be posting responses and explanations based upon the questions we receive from you, and we encourage your contacts with any such questions, concerns, or ideas.
  • B. Technical Details – there are three distinct sections, each dedicated to one of the Funds. Information such as a brief Plan Description, as well as links to downloadable forms (PDF), recent communications, and related site information are available.

If you have any questions regarding the Funds, the operations, or the Website please do not hesitate to contact the Funds Office. A binder containing complete Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD) for each Fund is yours and available at the Fund office. Thank you.


The Boards of Trustees